on bord boat battery charger

An Insight on How Does an On-Board Boat Battery charger works?

Batteries were the first most essential devices introduced in the boating market. Ever since, they have picked a great demand by fishermen while fishing, sailors, and boatmen. Your life is easy if you have a boat that is well-equipped with a suitable trolling motor. Any good trolling motor is portable and works for long. However, once the batteries are drained you need to bring it home and charge these back. In the advent of these, the companies released on-board chargers that charge up to 4 batteries at a time. The charger can be installed at your convenient location in the boat and carried along in the journey.

Steps to Install an Onboard Battery Charger and How Does it Work ?

1. A typical onboard battery charger can charge up to 4 batteries into a single housing. You need to pick a charger that is suitable for the batteries needed for your boat to keep running.
on bord boat battery charger2. Install the charger at a location convenient in your boat. Choose a location from where you can access to see the lights. These chargers also help you to monitor the charging process of the batteries. Get the negative and positive wires attached to each battery. You need to install one set of wires to every battery. For the rest, an extension cord will serve your purpose. Before you experiment with the installation, do not forget to read the instructions or manual you received with the battery charger.
3. If you have an old charger, ensure that you disconnect it. An on board battery charger comes with multiple sets of individual chargers that can be connected with the wires for each battery in your boat.Follow the instructions with the battery chargers in order to prevent any errors during the setup.
4. During the installation, check if the location of the in-line fuse for the wire leads is located only at a little distance from the battery terminals.Once you have followed all the steps as stated, you may plug the electrical cord on your extension cord.Confirm if the charger is operating correctly.
5. In case if you see a red light on during the process, it indicates an issue with the charger. Check the wire leads and connections. It must be black to the negative and red to the positive leads. If the problem persists, it may be an indication of a blown fuse.
6. After everything is installed properly and up running, you should see the indicator on with a yellow light. After the battery is fully charged, the indicator will shift to green light.
7. Maintain your charger timely and cleaning it and unplugging the cords when not in need. Once you are ready for the next voyage, plug in your onboard battery charger a day before to ensure that your batteries are fully charged. You will enjoy the trip with lesser worries.
Check with your dealer or manufacturer for any further queries you have. It’s always wise to get the doubts cleared before leaving for the journey. Wishing you a safe and pleasant journey on board.